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Become a SBH Practitioner


become sbh practitionerEnrich your life by having a deep understanding of your energy and how to transform it. In the Subtle Body Healing Training you learn to connect with your natural intuition and healing ability within your heart and to bring these abilities into the different areas of your life.

The technique of Subtle Body Healing can be used for healing yourself and strengthening your personal growth and meditation. Subtle Body Healing can also be used to heal and balance the energy of others. The training qualifies you to give Subtle Body Healing Sessions. It is also beneficial for people who already work with people. It enhances your other healing or therapeutic work, body work, counseling or coaching and adds great value to them.

Subtle Body Healing is taught in clear steps. It happens in a loving, nurturing atmosphere and contains meditation techniques, teaching and practical exercises that are clearly explained. The certification program in Subtle Body Healing has 2 levels.


Level 1

Level 1 is given in three parts and upon completion of these three parts you are certified to give Chakra Energy Balancing sessions. In these sessions you are practicing the basic skills that you learned in Level 1. Chakra Energy Balancing is a simple yet effective session that is very relaxing, rejuvenating and harmonizes your energy as well as the energy of someone you give the session to.

Part 1: Exploring Aura and Chakras

You get a clear experience of what the aura is, how the chakras function and how energy moves and flows. You receive a basic understanding of how the energy in the chakras and aura affects your work, relationships and wellbeing. This is the base that prepares you to learn how to read and work with energy.

Part 2: Energy Reading Training

In this segment you develop your ability to perceive and to read the energy of the chakras, subtle bodies and aura, through opening your intuitive sense. You learn to read your own energy and how to give an energy reading to another person, to make visible the invisible, and to see the deeper connections between how energy flows and the different aspects of life.

Level 2

Level 2 contains two groups. For certification, you are required to do both groups. Upon completing level 2, you will be certified to give Subtle Body Healing sessions. In Subtle Body Healing sessions you are using the full spectrum of your skills that you have learned and practiced in the training.

Part 1: Releasing Karma

You learn to recognize and release karmic patterns and traumatic experiences from the past in yourself and other people. You understand how past lives influence how we feel and behave in this life. This greatly frees your energy and the energy of people you work with and expands awareness of the here – now. You discover how to truly be in the moment during your sessions and to bring this power of being present here - now into your work with people and all aspects of your life. You also continue to increase your sensitivity and ability to recognize the differences in the vibrations of each of the subtle bodies and chakras.

Part 2: The Fifth Chakra

In level one we mainly work with transforming the lower chakras from the heart. Here you learn to work with the more refined energies of the fifth chakra. You learn to identify and clear mental programs that keep limiting energy patterns, emotions and behavior in place. You connect with the creative power of the fifth chakra giving you and people you work with new choices and creative expression in life. In part 2 you practice integrating all the different elements of Subtle Body Healing to utilize for yourself and to structure a session according to the needs of a client.

This training is a personal enrichment for you. You will feel and increase the power of love within your heart, giving you the experience of transformation in your own life. As you live and enjoy for yourself what you give to others, your work will have integrity, instill trust, and become more successful in helping people change their lives. 

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