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Third Eye Meditation Seminar


Third Eye Meditation SeminarThe Essence of Meditation

With Leela - Prasad - Alvina

People who go deep into meditation, often make the important discovery that hidden behind the two eyes is a third eye. Our physical eyes look out, enabling us to see the world around us, while the third eye makes it possible to look within. When you enter in through meditation, your third eye opens, and it is this opening that makes it possible to become aware of your true nature and the many treasures in your inner world. Your third eye enables you to recognize dimensions far greater than your personality, who you appear to be on the surface, what you do, and how you think and feel.

We will use meditation methods that Osho has given to open the third eye. First, we activate and increase the flow of energy in the chakras, the main energy centers in the body. As energy is awakened, you discover the source of your energy and the secret of how it rises to the third eye. The third eye becomes a reservoir of energy; your awareness expands beyond the limitations of your mind and your body into what Osho refers to as watching – witnessing. Watching is a peak of consciousness that enables you to be aware of the very essence of who you are.

As your third eye opens, it is like the sun shining through dark clouds of thoughts and feelings, making them transparent. Everything in your life becomes crystal clear; you see things as they really are. You see your life path, your achievements, and your true potential. Everything around you looks more beautiful – trees are greener, you listen more carefully, you feel the universal rhythm flowing through all of life. You recognize everything has its own unique beauty; you value yourself and others and come to love your life.

With the third eye you are transported into another reality that is beyond the everyday conflict of duality. At this pinnacle of awareness, you recognize that all the opposites of life, such as male and female, reason and intuition, yin and yang, the inner world of being and the outer world of doing all meet and are part of one reality. Opposites come into balance and your life flows in exquisite harmony and richness.

Come join us in this meditation intensive, deepen your meditation and take a leap in consciousness. 

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