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Living Your Destiny


living your destinyThe real secret of having the life you love is being aware of who you are at your center.

The journey of living is a miracle, an opportunity to express your true nature, to grow and to be who you really are. Living your life according to your true nature is your destiny. This is the real purpose you were born to fulfill.

How do you live your destiny? How do you grow beyond your limitations and the expectations placed upon you by others? How do you find the direction that you want to go in your life and stay on track?


In "Living Your Destiny" you find the answers to these questions and more. You connect to your inner resources and go beyond your limitations. You recognize your beauty and strength and find the courage and inner wisdom to live and create in life what is meaningful to you and makes a difference. This experience is life changing.

"Living Your Destiny" is presented in three parts.

Inner Law of Attraction
Essence of You
Law of Synchronicity

Each part can be taken independently and in any order and is an essential ingredient in bringing together the silence and grace of meditation and the creative flow of your life.

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