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Law of Synchronicity


law of graceIn the "Law of Synchronicity" what takes effort in the beginning becomes effortless.

In this course the focus is on recognizing your unique rhythm of life and living according to your nature in harmony with the "whole". You learn to have the clarity and sensitivity to recognize opportunities that further what is important for you in life. You discover simple ways to become more decisive, trusting in your choices and taking the right actions. You find the precious balance between opposite sides of life and see that dualities are in fact complementary.

In the "Law of Synchronicity" you open to a whole new way of living. Your life happens in a synchronistic flow that feels effortless, you receive what you need in order to live your potential and express your unique nature. You feel lighter, have more energy, and your actions are in alignment with your being. You function as a whole person and do not exhaust yourself with inner or outer conflicts. When you are centered, you are living in the Law of Synchronicity.

Grace happens more often than you may realize. Being at the right time at the right place, meeting people who help you, having a good idea intuitively out of the blue, or recognizing and receiving what life gives you, is what can happen when you are in grace. You may feel that qualities like relaxation, trust, peace, or gratitude, happen as easily as a flower opens its petals and releases its beautiful fragrance.

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