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Inner Law of Attraction


inner law attractionIs it true that each of us creates and attracts what we have in our life?

In "Inner Law of Attraction" you understand that the state of mind that you are in attracts what you have in your life. The law of attraction is an important principle in the creative process of life. Many people all over the world are interested in finding out what it is and how it functions in their lives. At a basic level, it is understood that by thinking positively you attract positive things in your life, and with negative thoughts, you attract negative situations. What we attract includes people, work opportunities, challenges, and things we have like money, home and possessions.

In the "Inner Law of Attraction" we take the law of attraction to a new level. Through meditation you experience what it is like to attract from your essential nature, from who you really are at your center, instead of attracting from the state of mind that you have in any moment. You learn how the inner law of attraction really works and how to apply it to creating new possibilities in your relating, work, personal growth, meditation, and in any part of life that is important to you. When you attract from your essential nature, what you have in life is in synchronicity with who you really are.

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