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What is Essential Life Consulting?


What is ELCEssential Life Consulting (ELC) is an opportunity to be centered in your inner being. At the same time you learn how to take practical steps to live according to your true nature and have what is important to you in life. You are personally guided in a series of 5 sessions in which you receive valuable keys that connect with your true nature, your unique gifts and talents. With these keys, you will find out what is really important to you so that you know the directions that you want to go in life. You will then be given step-by-step guidance in how to use these keys practically in different areas of your life to have what is important to you, such as a rewarding career, satisfying relationships, a connection to your inner being or anything else.

ELC shows you how to integrate the inner dimension of your being or soul with your outer material world. This gives you the experience of having inner richness and outer richness together so that you live a balanced life.

No matter what is happening in your life, you can always connect to your inner resources. Even if you are in a limited situation, you can find within yourself what is uniquely beautiful about you. Connecting to your inner resources and strengths will naturally change your life, giving you new energy and passion for life in many small and big ways.

What Can ELC Help Me With?

ELC is tailored to each individual's unique needs and can be used to find creative solutions for many issues in life. A few examples are:

Getting a job or changing your work
Finding a soul mate
Increasing your ability to enjoy relating with family and friends
Resolving money issues or increasing your income
Responding effectively to health issues
Connecting to new inner sources of energy when you feel tired or overwhelmed
Leaning to value and respect yourself instead of undervaluing yourself
Finding balance between work and time for other activities that are important to you
Learning to be decisive and go for what you want
Overcoming your limitations

What Can I Expect From an ELC Session?

The ELC sessions are either given in person or on the telephone in the comfort of your own home. They are easy to follow, inspiring and instantly give you real results that enhance the quality of your life.

You are guided in specially designed meditation exercises, giving you a direct experience of each of the five keys and how to ground them in your life. You have the opportunity to share and to ask questions at any time. Your Consultant will support you through whatever challenges and difficulties you may have and will help you in finding solutions. As you make positive changes in your life, you will respect yourself, find the courage to be who you are and move in life with a lightness and confidence.

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