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Become an ELC Practitioner


Become an ELC PractitionerEssential Life Consulting was created by Leela Lovegarden, Prasad David Wandres and Alvina Wandres. It is the result of their showing thousands of people in over 30 countries how to live their life more fully and richly. Leela, Prasad and Alvina are pioneers in creating personal growth programs that help people to increase their abilities, intelligence and utilize their true potentials. Essential Life Consulting is a synthesis of business experience, personal growth and the inner world of meditation.

Anyone interested in learning ELC for their own benefit and to share it with other people is welcome to participate in the Essential Life Consulting Training. In this training you learn a unique 5-step process that is simple, highly effective and easy to use for yourself and in giving sessions to others.

To make it easy to give ELC sessions right after you complete your training, you receive detailed materials with the main elements and guided meditation exercises, that you can follow in each session. Especially in the beginning, this helps you to relax, give your full attention to your client and support them in learning and applying the Key you are giving in the session. You also receive a workbook for your client that introduces the Keys and other main elements of ELC to your client, which gives your session a wider context. As an Essential Life Consultant you become part of the extensive ELC support system with the possibility to share about your sessions and to receive feedback from Leela, Prasad and Alvina in telephone classes, individual sessions and ELC graduate trainings.

The only requirement to do the ELC training is to participate in the "Living Your Destiny", which is a series of 3 seminars that forms the basis for Essential Life Consulting. For more information about "Living Your Destiny", please click here

You don't have to plan to give sessions in order to have great benefit from this training. Even if you are not planning to give sessions, learning the 5 Keys and practicing them for yourself and with others in the training can bring a depth of understanding and open your creativity in finding and having what is important to you in your life.

Click here to see the dates of the next ELC trainings and "Living Your Destiny" seminars.

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