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Participating in Essential Life Consulting Training

I Work for a software company and I'm facing a very demanding and challenging professional situation so I was seeking help in effectively dealing with my job.

Being in the training and receiving the 5 keys has had a very significant impact on both my professional and private life. The sessions have tremendously helped me to be more in touch with my various talents, strengths and Essential Qualities. I often practice the heart meditations at work by asking myself what is important to me in the moment. Connecting to my heart gives me clarity and generates energy, enthusiasm and self-respect.
Bernd Arnst – Geneva Switzerland

Receiving Essential Life Consulting

Before I started receiving Essential Life Consulting I had many limiting ideas about myself and felt overwhelmed by many situations in life. After the consulting sessions, I now approach challenges with more confidence and have the feeling that I can overcome whatever challenge I have to face in my life.
R, Tokyo

Receiving Essential Life Consulting

In receiving Essential Life Consulting sessions, I felt blessed that I was able to have such a deep experience of my heart.  Normally I am too much in my head, thinking all the time, and I had forgotten that I also have a heart, which gives me a very different experience of life. I now have the clarity to recognize what I really want and care about in my life, and this gives me new energy to move forward.
K, Tokyo

Giving Essential Life Consulting

I have been giving Aura-Soma and counseling sessions to people for more than 20 years. Now I am giving Essential Life Consulting to clients, which brings me a lot joy because the 5 keys really transforms their lives. This is such a wonderful way to support clients in a grounded, practical way and at the same time to deepen their meditation in daily situations.
Komala Kuroda - Kobe, Japan

Giving Subtle Body Healing

When I give a session, I experience awareness beyond "myself" and feel that I am connected to something beyond me, and it felt like it was not "me" giving the session, but it was happening from "beyond". I feel trust in existence. When I give sessions, I experience healing the other is also healing for me.
Sindhu - Kobe, Japan


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