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29 May 2019 - 02 June 2019

Love, Silence, Oneness – Going Deep in Meditation

Alvina Alvina
Prasad Prasad

In: Osho Miasto, Italy
Language: English with Italian Translation
Info & Registration: Osho Miasto

This group very likely will be the last one that Prasad and Alvina will be presenting together in Miasto, since Prasad won’t be traveling much anymore. So when the question arose what kind of group we should present it was clear that it should be about what our whole life is dedicated to: Meditation.Over 40 years ago Prasad, Leela and Alvina found Osho and we dedicated our lives to finding out the essence of meditation and who we really are. Each of us went through many different stages of meditation, therapy, exploration of the inner and outer, finding our own path with Osho.More and more we were letting go of old ideas about meditation, and experienced that the essence of meditation is being aware unconditionally of whatever is on the outer and inner.In all these years as meditators and facilitators with all the beauty and challenges life brought us, we discovered keys that have made awareness easier and deeper for us.The first of these keys is Love.Love expands awareness and connects you to your center. With love everything becomes a meditation. Love opens your awareness and transforms how you perceive others, the world around you and how you feel about yourself. When you are aware of love, your awareness becomes loving and everything you are aware of is touched by love.The second key is silence. Unconditional love connects you deeper to the timelessness and silence of the center.This space of silence is where a tremendous shift happens from knowing and doing and searching, to being present, here-now, receptive, trusting in this moment.The third key is oneness. With love there is no separation, love accepts and embraces everything the way it is.Silence dissolves all boundaries.Oneness is a vast awareness of being part of something bigger, one with the whole, with all of existence.In our 5 days meditating together we merge into a Sangha of meditators in synchronicity with Osho, diving deeper and deeper into love, silence, oneness and beyond.

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