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13 May 2020 - 17 May 2020

Going deeper in love, silence, oneness

Alvina Alvina

In: Osho Miasto, Italy
Language: English with Italian Translation
Info & Registration: Osho Miasto

In the meditation group Love - Silence - Unity that happened in May 2019 we experienced in a very deep way the joy and the silence of meditation. Together we have created a beautiful connection of love and unity with one another, in synchronicity with something greater and with deeper dimensions of meditation.

This year we meet again in a meditation meeting to deepen and broaden our connection in synchronicity. This meeting is for all those interested in deepening their meditation experience and bringing the fragrance of meditation into their lives. If you wish to participate you are welcome and it does not matter if you are an experienced or novice meditator.

In our hearts each of us is bringing something beautiful and receiving the contribution of all the others. In meditation discover the uniqueness of your being and your expression, as a tool ready to intone its song. When we are in synchronicity with ourselves our songs all come together, creating a magnificent symphony of love and awareness. Each of our hearts, like a single flower, opens together with the others in a garden of synchronicity, intensifying mutual brightness and beauty with one another. In all these years as meditators and facilitators, with all the beauty and challenges that life brings us, we are discovering the keys that have made awareness and meditation more easily accessible to us and deeper. In this group we explore each instrument together and how each of them opens us up to embrace our deepest nature, living it with joy and wholeness.

The first of these keys is love. Love expands awareness and connects you to your center. With love, everything becomes a meditation. Love manages to embrace you as you are, even with the defects and imperfections that you may feel you have. Love opens your awareness and transforms both the way you perceive others and the world around you, and how you feel about yourself. Love brings compassion, gratitude and the ability to evaluate what is important to you. When you are aware of love, your awareness becomes loving and everything you are conscious of is touched by love.

The second key is silence. As love expands you connect more deeply to the timeless dimension and silence of the center. This space of silence is the place where an extraordinary turning point takes place, ranging from thinking, doing and searching, to not having to know, being present, here and now, receptive, trusting in this very moment. Silence makes an inner intelligence blossom that goes beyond the limits of the mind; perceive yourself and your life in a wider context and with a greater understanding.

The third key is unity. With love there is no separation, love puts you in connection with something greater. In silence there are no boundaries. Unity is an immense awareness of being part of something larger, of being one with the whole, with all existence. From unity, a profound trust and receptivity to life is born. You open yourself to what you are flooded with and recognize the many opportunities that life is giving you. In our five days together we use these keys to easily expand our awareness and meditation. We sit in silence to deepen the awareness of our inner being. You will be guided in meditation practices to find what can help you live more easily what you discover within yourself in your daily life. With dynamic exercises and sharing we bring lightness and joy in meditating together.

You are invited to participate whether you took part in the group last year or not, the only prerequisite is the desire to experience the bliss of meditation. Through synchronicity we join in an energetic gathering of meditators in sync with Osho, immersing ourselves ever more deeply in love, in silence, in unity and beyond.

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