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22 May 2019 - 26 May 2019

Chakras – Keys to Relating

Alvina Alvina
Prasad Prasad

In: Osho Miasto, Italy
Language: English with Italian Translation
Info & Registration: Osho Miasto

Discover how relating really works and how to be happy in relating, and happy when you are alone.In this group Alvina and Prasad share their secrets of what makes relating a beautiful flow of love and sharing between friends, life partners, parents, children and anyone you meet in your life.This group is about learning how relating works. Learning to connect to and understand the energy of your chakras gives important and simple keys to this. Each chakra contributes qualities that are essential to make relating into a beautiful flow between two and more people.The most important ingredients in all relating is love. Love exists in many forms –intimate love between life partners, caring love between parents and children, or love between friends. In the 4th chakra, the heart, you find the source of love within you. Connecting to the source of love within makes you rich, rather than dependent on love from others. You learn to share your love in countless ways, and to receive love from others even if it doesn’t come in a perfect way or in the form you expected.The 3rd chakra brings balance to either following your own direction, or following the lead of another person. In relating both are necessary. In the 3rd chakra you connect to your unique strengths and know when it’s time to express them without rejecting the other. You also learn to recognize the strengths of the other and to enjoy receiving them without losing your own center.The 2nd chakra gives you the ability to be close to someone and to merge with them. It also gives you the ability to recognize when you need to be by yourself, which allows a natural rhythm of being together and being alone. The 2nd chakra gives you the sensitivity to feel and receive all the beautiful feelings of relating as well as the space to allow disturbing feelings, and let them pass. You recognize and respect your own needs and the needs of the other.The 1st chakra and physical body gives aliveness and grounding. It makes practical care for yourself and others and the joy of physical intimacy possible.The 5th chakra opens loving and honest communication. It makes it possible to let go of old habits and reactions from the past and open to the flow of relating in the moment.

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