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Women’s Liberation


Women LiberationOSHO created this group in which he gives women the possibility to live their strength and power without giving up the beauty, ability to love and the grace of being a woman. In the past the woman's strength and power used to be tied to a man: her father, husband or son. Becoming free of this old domination doesn't happen by becoming like men, it happens by finding the hidden male energy inside and bringing it together with the female qualities.

In the last 100 years women have made incredible progress: from not being allowed to own property, to have an education or to say what she wanted to now being able to be in the highest positions in business, science and politics. However, to most of us it sometimes feels as if again and again we are being put before a painful choice: to either be strong, respected, powerful and able to take our own decisions or to relax, enjoy relationships, enjoy being open, receptive and feminine. One side makes us feel strong and independent, but often we pay the price of becoming cold, hard, lonely and losing the touch with feeling ourselves and others. The other side gives us the ability to feel deeply, to relate and melt and to receive love, but if it is there alone, it can make us feel heavy, over-emotional, needy, dependent and not able to move, do something or take decisions.

In Women's Liberation you discover that you can have the best of both sides together. In this group you will get a deep experience and understanding of your male side, liberating its qualities and strengths. You will get deeply in touch with your female side. Together all of us women are creating a strong loving and caring atmosphere to heal the wounds of the female and awaken her true ability to love, to nurture and to be nurtured. This brings a deep balance and harmony to you, uniting the male and female qualities within. You feel complete and able to live and express the strength and beauty of your own nature. Our journey together is very intense and at the same time relaxed and deeply pleasurable. It is lead by Leela who has been involved in leading the women's liberation group from the very beginning in India and has continued developing and leading it all over the world.

This may very well be one of the most rewarding and transforming experiences in your life. It is not about becoming a better woman, it is about becoming a whole person, becoming you. 

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