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The Secret Art of Relating


Secret Art of Relating"The Secret Art of Relating" is for anyone who is open to finding someone special to love and who wants new ways for love to be in their life. It is also for people who already have an intimate partner, and want to keep the love fresh and alive and go even deeper.

We all want love and yet it can often seem to be out of reach. Perhaps you are looking for someone to relate with and just don't seem to meet the right person. Perhaps you met someone and after a while conflicts and hurt seem to take more room than love. Maybe in your relationship you notice that the love and fun you used to have together got lost in the day-to-day routines and stress. You may ask yourself, "Why is it so hard to find love and to keep it alive?"

In this group you discover what makes finding love and being with a soul mate possible. You learn to look more deeply so that you can recognize what you really want and need and what you have to share. You also learn to recognize who is open to receive from you and can give what you need.

A soul mate is not the one person who is right for you, who is out there waiting to be found. A soul to soul connection is possible with many different people. You find a soul mate by connecting with your soul, your inner being and by connecting to the soul of the other.

When you connect soul to soul, love flows naturally and conflicts, emotions and old wounds, which are often part of relating, can be healed with compassion and love.

How you discover your soul is through meditation. In our days together we meet and meditate in a loving and playful atmosphere. You will discover ways to connect to your being, your soul and open to the soul of others. This is an opportunity to feel, to forgive, to recognize what is beneath the surface, to appreciate what you give and receive, to value yourself and who you love, and to find out what is truly important to you in relating with another person.

Our passion is to bring love and meditation together. It gives us great joy to help you experience and celebrate this union for yourself. This presentation is a beautiful opportunity for you to discover a depth of love within you and to share your love with someone special.

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