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All About Money


All About MoneyDiscover what really makes you rich! Money is an instrument that makes it possible to have beautiful things and what you need in life. But is this really enough to make your life rich and fulfilling?

In this group we shine light on money, through listening to transmissions that Osho gives about money. Osho peels away old layers of false meaning that we give to money by showing us what money really is. We look behind the façade of what we think money is. We explode the myths about money and release the obsession, paralysis and pain that these myths have been causing us for centuries. Some of these myths are "Money corrupts", "To have money you have to sacrifice the higher values in life", "Money is the source of happiness" and "Money equals life".

Then we bring awareness to unconscious habits in making, having and spending money, habits such as wasting money by over-spending, carelessness or not recognizing opportunities, putting pressure on yourself to make as much money as possible, or hoarding money out of fear and pain about not getting basic needs met. You become free of the fears of not having enough money. Can you imagine what your life would be like without worrying about money?

Bringing consciousness to money enables you to recognize what is really important to you. As you heal and unblock your relationship with money, you find freedom from limiting beliefs, emotions, and habits, and have clarity to see the opportunities and choices that you have. You discover your own natural flow of money and connect to life's essential gifts and qualities at your center. This is what truly brings richness to money.

Our purpose together in this group is to be at peace about money, to feel relaxed, and connect with the natural intelligence around money that is undistorted by misunderstandings. You learn to connect to your creativity to make and use money in a way that is of benefit to yourself, others, and the world you live in. 

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